Custom Caller-ID

Increase answer rates when you use your own Caller-ID.

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Phone calls from your Caller-ID

Not many people answer phone calls from numbers they don’t recognize. That’s why at CallingPost we allow you to customize and use your own caller-id. You can use any caller-id that you have access to and can verify. This will increase answer rates and help your message get delivered quickly and effectively. Custom Caller-ID is available on all plans.

A familiar voice. A familiar number.

By default when you send out a phone message the caller-ID that shows up on your members phone will be the CallingPost caller-id (405-308-4474). You can simply select your phone number to appear as the caller-id instead. We offer phone number verification via a phone call or text message and you’re good to go! To learn more about adding your own caller-ID visit our help center here.