Detailed Message Results & Reminder Messages

Check the status of any message (phone, text & email) to see if it was delivered to your members. Also, set easy to use quick reminders to ensure you never forget to communicate.

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Detailed Message Results

It’s important to know who is receiving your messages. Sometimes, it’s even more important to know who isn’t. With CallingPost our detailed message results makes it easy to track the status of each phone, text or email message you send. Getting detailed results of your message maks it easier than ever to ensure your message is delivered to the right person at the right time! To learn more about our message results click here.

Reminder Messages

With CallingPost Reminder Messages it’s easy to set daily, weekly and monthly reminders to send your phone message. Once you select a date, time and group for a reminder, CallingPost will automatically call your phone prompting you to record your message. We know you are extremely busy, so let us help remind you to consistently communicate.