Merge Tags & Remove Email Branding

Keep your emails personal with merge tags and remove branding from emails.

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Merge Tags

It’s all about personalization! Members are much more likely to open emails if it is addressed to them by name. A merge tag allows you to insert specific member data into your emails. For example, you could personalize all of your emails by using the first name of your members. Keep your emails personal and build relationships with the CallingPost merge tag feature. We currently offer first name, last name, phone number and email merge tags coming soon. Available on Standard and Premium plans. Click here to learn more about CallingPost Merge Tags

Remove Email Branding

At the bottom of CallingPost emails is a simple logo that lets your members know their email was delivered by CallingPost. It’s a small logo that says “Powered By CallingPost” in the footer of all emails. Our Premium plans will automatically have this branding removed from all emails. Click here to learn more about CallingPost email service.