Phone Message Playback & Phone Number Clean Up

Membmers can play back previous messages & we will clean up your call list.

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Phone Message Playback

If a member misses their phone call they can simply call our system back at 405-308-4474 to have their message played back for them. There’s no limit to the amount of times a member can call in to listen to your most recent message. This feature is perfect for groups of people that are busy and might need to listen to your important message more than once. We offer this feature to all plans.

Phone Number Clean Up

The CallingPost system has the ability to detect which phone numbers are not receiving their messages. Sometimes a number has changed, or maybe the number was added incorrectly. You would have the ability to remove any phone numbers automatically that have been marked bad in each of your groups. This feature is available on all subscriptions. (Not available on Pay as you go)