CallingPost SMS Keywords

SMS Keywords are perfect for building a group quickly and easily! Collect members contact info such as first & last name, phone number and email addresses all from one simple text.

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Why SMS Keywords?

Keywords are a fast and easy way to get your group up to date with the latest member information. You don’t always know everyone’s phone number or email address. Don’t worry about it. Give them your keyword and let your members do the rest. We even give you up to (5) keywords in our unlimited plans, for example a church that has different ministries (choir, youth, children, ushers, etc.) each ministry would get their own unique keyword.

What is a SMS keyword?

A SMS keyword (or text keyword) must be between 4 and 32 characters and contain only letters and numbers. It’s a word or phrase that mobile phone users can easily text to a short code (CallingPost’s shortcode is 24251). When your group members send your keyword to the CallingPost shortcode, they will automatically be added to your group and opted in to receive text messages. They will also receive a link to enter in their name and email address, which means you don’t have to!

What will my members see?

Glad you asked! So when a church creates the keyword ‘CHURCH’. You could create a slide, announce it from the pulpit, or send it in an email to a business meeting, asking everyone to text the word ‘CHURCH’ to 24251. It will look something like this:

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