Voice Delivery Text & Email - SMS Surveys

Delivery your voice in text and email format. Poll members with SMS Surveys.

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Voice Delivery Text & Email

If you want to record a single phone message and have your voice delivered to your group as a text or email this feature is for you! The great thing about having your voice delivered in text or email format is knowing your voice is waiting for them whenever they check their messages. No need to bother them with a phone call for something that can wait until later. This feature is only available on Premium plans.

SMS Surveys

If you need to receive a simple response from your text message to your group, we offer SMS surveys (or what some call it text polling). It’s very easy to set up and use. When creating your text message you will see the option “enable text polling”. Simply click the option and your members will receive a link in your text that will optionally record “Yes, No, or Maybe” responses. You can see your responses in your message results page. This feature is included with Standard and Premium plans.