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CallingPost's mass email, text and calling platform gives you the tools to send important messages fast, no matter how many people you need to contact.


Make sure no one misses your message! CallingPost's automated calling system, you can rest easy knowing everyone is in the loop. With a click of a mouse or a tap of key, you send instant alerts and notifications by phone, text, or email to people who need them.

Schedule Communications

Save time and schedule your messages days, weeks or even hours in advance! Automate staffing calls to easily fill shifts or send personalized payments and appointment reminders to your clients.

Stats and Reporting

Want to know more about your subscribers? CallingPost's detailed message analytics monitor opt-ins and opt-outs to see what's working and track your campaign results.

Customizable Email Templates

Save time and keep your company's messaging consistent with pre-defined template messages. Plus, with our intuitive design tools, it’s easy to create beautiful campaigns that put your brand in the spotlight.

Member Management

Our Member Management feature makes it a breeze to group subscribers based on common traits, then send out highly targeted mass text, email and phone messages. Create separate lists for customers, leads, employees, or any other groups of contacts!

SMS Keywords

Keywords make it easy to grow your contact lists by letting your customers join automatically by texting your Keyword to your phone number. A customizable reply message can automatically be sent back to them, confirming their subscription to your group messaging list.

how to get started

Getting started is as easy as...

Project Introduction
Group set up

Customize your CallingPost account by adding your team members, contacts, & drafting your first message!

Research & Concept
Send a message

Quickly create a phone call, text or email message that can easily be sent to 10 or 10,000.

Project Termination
Relax & enjoy the results

You can use these analytics to plan your next outreach strategy, see who received your message, & who couldn't be reached.

real testimonials

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CallingPost for years now has been a steady way we communicate with our community. It's user friendly, trust worthy and provides the right amount of data needed to analyse past calls. Thank you!
Been Great for Years!
We have been with Callingpost for several years and plan to be with you till Jesus comes. The service is second to none and I recommend it highly. Anyone who uses Callingpost would be doing their Church a positive Service. God Bless You.
Pastor J.L. Knight
We have been with Callingpost for years!
We love how it works. The directions for each step on how to create and send your message are clear. This is a valuable tool that allows us to quickly keep our staff informed and up to date.
Bay City ComForCare
We love how it works!
I am grateful for CallingPost - it allows me to send out a contact to all my members with one phone call - God bless you in your work.
Kurt M.
I am grateful for CallingPost!
Instructions were very clear, and I was able to send my first voice message within minutes of joining.
E. Lynn S.
Instructions were very clear!
We have used Calling Post several years and enjoyed using. It is excellent to use! If I have a question, I call and the question is normal answered on the spot. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
Henry L.
Excellent Service for Several Years!

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