CallingPost Beta Features

Check out some of these really neat features we are working on to help you with your group!


Virtual PBX

  • Receive a local phone number for people to contact your organization.
  • Personalize your menus and greetings to give information about contacting you and your organization members.
  • Virtual PBX is ideal for small organizations who would benefit from a virtual receptionist.
  • *Additonal fees apply.

Personalized Websites

  • Customize your website with our easy to use website wizard.
  • Select a personalized web address for your website.
  • Websites are essential for any organization, our websites are so easy you will never need a web designer.
  • *Availalble to monthly subscribers only.

Volunteer Role and Sign-ups

  • Create specialized volunteer roles for your organization.
  • Allow members to sign up for roles and receive reminders before the event .
  • Knowing who will be volunteering and what they will be doing helps every event run smoothly.

Event Planning

  • Create events through our event planning management tool.
  • Events display on your personalized website.
  • Showing events on your website allow members to see what is going on in your organization and to volunteer to assist with events.


  • MappingPost is a comprehensive mapping system which can display where members live or work, drive times, and much more.
  • Understand your area better utilizing demographic data.
  • Plan events around where your members live or work.
  • *Additonal fees apply.

Account Managers

  • This feature is ideal for leaders who wants to share management of their different groups and members.
  • Create additional accounts who can help you manage your groups, members, and send messages.
  • Additional account managers do not have access to billing or credit card information.
  • Feature only available on Unlimited Monthly Plans.
  • *Availalble to monthly subscribers only.