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Did you know...

CallingPost can automatically voice message all your contacts instantly.

Voice Messaging Serice

Create a message and CallingPost automatically sends it to your entire group. Their phones will ring just like a personal phone call and your message will play as soon as they say 'hello'.

Mass Texting / SMS

Easy group texting with reporting analytics, built in survey responses and no member size limit.

Bulk Email

Everything you need in one place, including E-Mail. Send files and track analytics to deliver your important messages.

Did You Know...

CallingPost can organize and manage your contacts

Stay Organized

Use CallingPost to keep your groups and teams organized, with names, photos, numbers and more all in one easy to access place.

Stay Up To Date

Quickly add or update member info and change status settings on the fly.

Stay personal

Having photos associated with your members and unique data is a great way to stay personaly connected with each of your members.

The original, since 1995.

Auto Phone Calls

The ultimate in personalized group communication. Record one simple message and have it automatically delivered to any number of phones instantly.

When a voice isn't needed.

Text / SMS

Got a quick update or looking for some feedback? Quickly engage your entire group with a survey or notification text message.

Your group, organized.

Member Management

Easily organize all of your contacts into groups. Updating or adding members is a breeze. Keep all your groups in one secure place.

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Customer Testimonails

I am a youth pastor of a rapidly growing church in Georgia and sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to follow up with information to our adult leaders and student. In many of our events it consists of group students with over 100 members and calling them individually would almost be impossible for several people. Thanks to CallingPost what used to take days can be completed in a matter of minutes. Every youth pastor needs to use system and they will be convinced.

Greg Worley, Atlanta, GA
Customer Testimonails

I KNEW CallingPost was a BLESSING sent from HEAVEN! I’m using your service for all 5 of my volunteer jobs (ministry has 65 contacts, soccer has 15 contacts, scouts has 13 contacts, swim team has 63 contacts and our premier soccer group has 14 contacts). I joke about "one call does it all! I could not live without your service. 3 of the 5 groups require calls to be made on a moment’s notice.

J.D., Houston, TX
Customer Testimonails

CallingPost has really been of great benefit to me. I currently have communication responsibilities for 2 ministries in my church and a civic organization and will be accepting another responsibility soon. Because I serve a varied population and everyone does not have email, it makes it very time consuming to use conventional modes of communication. When one of my church members told me about CallingPost, I was more the grateful. It has been a God send for me over the past two years. It is not only time efficient but also cost efficient which is also quite important. Keep up the good work CallingPost.

Carol Edwards, Chicago, IL