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Group Calling

The ultimate in personalized group communication. Record one simple message and have it automatically delivered to any number of phones instantly.

When a voice isn't needed.

Group Texting

Got a quick update or looking for some feedback? Quickly engage your entire group with a survey or notification text message.

Your group, organized.

Group Management

Easily organize all of your contacts into groups. Updating or adding members is a breeze. Keep all your groups in one secure place.

How Does Group Messaging Work?


Create A Group

Easily create a group to store and manage your contacts.


Create A Message

Quickly create a voice, text, or email message.


Send & Track

Instantly send your message to everyone or schedule for later.

It's that easy!

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  • 75 calls & text
  •   1 website
  •   150 emails


Most Popular
  • 250 calls & text
  •   3 websites
  •   500 emails


  • 600 calls & text
  •   15 website
  •   2,000 emails


Group Phone Calls

Create a voice message and CallingPost will automatically call your entire group.

Group Texting / SMS

CallingPost can send mass texts to groups of any size. Include a survey to get instant feedback.

Group Email

Create newsletters for your group and scheudle them to automatically send.

Schedule Communications

Schedule your groups call or mass text messages to send at the perfect time. No waiting around to push send.

Detailed Message Reports

View info about your group calls & mass text messages. See answer rates, delivery attempts & more.

Websites & Event Planning

Get your own ready to use website. Create events, send invites, enable online sign-ups & schedule reminders.

Group Management

Create custom groups with one place to manage all contacts. Upload photos, phone numbers & more.

Automatic Voicemail Detection

Advanced CallingPost technology ensures messages are delivered, even if the phone call isn't answered.

Personalize Your Caller ID

Display your phone number on your outgoing group calls to promote higher answer rates.

Excite & Engage Everyone

At CallingPost, we LOVE our families and have family members - near and far - just like you. When you use CallingPost, almost immediately you will get positive feedback because your family is engaged. Your messages will uplift and encourage and energize them to be more involved. Be the best family leader you can be - with CallingPost. Your CallingPost account gives you so many tools to get your family energized. You'll have phone, text and email messaging to reach your entire group at once - even scheduling messages in advance.

Phone - Text - Email

If you choose a CallingPost monthly account, you will also have Group Websites that interact with your group, so you can share plans & pictures, share audio & videos with your family, and use the Events Manager (with volunteer sign-up) to keep everyone involved.

See What others have to say

Customer Testimonails

My husband and I are the directors of a basketball league with 20 teams. We tell all of the coaches at the beginning of the season that CallingPost is the only way to go. It is a lifesaver! I also use it to communicate with all of the coaches, plus I am the team mom for both my son’s teams.

Jane K, Atlanta, GA
Customer Testimonails

As a band director for middle school students the flyers and letters do not always make it home. For years CallingPost has been my best source for contacting many parents all at once with important information - even at the last minute. CallingPost is the only way to go!

Thomas Russell, Decatur, GA
Customer Testimonails

I KNEW CallingPost was a BLESSING sent from HEAVEN! I’m using your service for all 5 of my volunteer jobs (ministry has 65 contacts, soccer has 15 contacts, scouts has 13 contacts, swim team has 63 contacts and our premier soccer group has 14 contacts). I joke about "one call does it all! I could not live without your service. 3 of the 5 groups require calls to be made on a moment’s notice.

J.D., Houston, TX