CallingPost is an extremely helpful service and the ability to reach thousands of people instantly is very powerful. But we all know that “with great power comes great responsibility” and this is no different. It is critical that everyone adheres to the terms of agreement and the policies below to ensure that CallingPost is used correctly.

This page will help outline what using CallingPost responsibly looks like & give situations of irresponsible usage. This page does not replace the Terms of Agreement, but is here to help outline the usages & responsible practices that are expected from each CallingPost user. You are responsible for each message that you send, not CallingPost.

Responsible Practices

  • Only use CallingPost to contact phone numbers that were given to you or to your organization. CallingPost cannot be used to contact bought list etc.
  • Quickly clarify who your messages are from. (your name or organization)
  • Use your own Caller-ID whenever possible.
  • Research shows 2-4 messages a week is reasonable and will not give your members message fatigue.
  • Be careful about the timing of your messages, especially when multiple time zones are involved. You don’t want to accidentally wake someone up or interrupt a family dinner!
  • If someone asks you to no longer receive messages, immediately remove them from your list. CallingPost has built in opt-out options for each message recipient, but if someone contacts you asking to be removed, it is your responsibility to remove them from your list immediately. No one wants anyone receiving messages that they do not want!
  • DO NOT use Callingpost for any Telemarketing, promotional or charitable contribution calls. CallingPost cannot be used to promote the purchase or sale of any products or collecting of money.
  • Before using CallingPost for any politically related calls, you must consult with your states laws. You are held fully responsible for any illegal messages sent, not CallingPost. We highly recommend not sending anything politically related unless you fully understand the federal / state / local laws for your state, and the states where the messages are being delivered.