Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

What is CallingPost?
CallingPost is a group communication solution. Our online tools enable group leaders to communicate with all their group members at one time via phone, text or email.
Who uses CallingPost?
CallingPost was created for non-profit type of organization, including churches and ministries, schools, sports teams, scout troops, civic groups and many others. Click here to create an account and start using CallingPost for your group or organization.
Why should I use CallingPost?
CallingPost brings together messaging, website, event management, and mapping into an easy-to-use system to keep your members informed, connected, and engaged. There are many benefits to selecting CallingPost.
When was CallingPost founded?
CallingPost was founded in 1995 by Phil Alexander when he recognized that there had to be a better way of contacting the parents of each of his soccer team members--making individual phone calls was cumbersome and too time consuming.
Are there restrictions for how CallingPost can be used?
CallingPost is designed for non-profit organizations. CallingPost messaging may not be used for solicitation, commercial, or political purposes, nor for telemarketing type activities.
Will my contact lists be sold?
Our customers are important to us and our policy is clear: We will never release or sell any of your information. We safeguard the privacy of every member.

Features & Benefits

Do I have to provide hardware or download software?
No. All you need is a browser and Internet connection for the web application.
What types of user support are available?
Customer support at CallingPost is unrivaled. Support is available by phone, chat, and Email and product information is provided through documentation and video tutorials.
Can I import a contact list?
Yes. You can use the import tool in CallingPost to upload your members from an Excel file.
What is MappingPost?
MappingPost gives churches and civic organizations a tool they can use to have real-time mapping information at their fingertips.
What is a group website?
A group website is a public website that is easily configured and branded using tools in the CallingPost application to support the mission and purpose of the group.

Purchase & Plans

How much does it cost?
CallingPost offers five monthly packages created to fit the needs of any organization or budget, small or large. Click here to view our pricing options.
How do I get started?
Just go to our website at and select Try It Free. Once registered, create a group and add members with phones and/or Email information. Now you're ready to to create and send messages.
Am I locked in by a contract?
No! There are NEVER any contracts. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your plan at any time.
What if I am a seasonal user?
No problem! If you are on a monthly plan you can cancel at any time without losing any of your groups, members, messages or personalized websites. You can also use our Starter Plan which features only pay-as-you-go pricing.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover) and Electronic Checks (E-Checks).
What is a credit?
Credits are used to send phone messages, texts, and Emails. For example: One credit is equivalent to one phone message of up to two minutes, or one text message of up to 160 characters.
Do credits I purchase expire?
Credits are designed to never expire! Credits purchased on a Pay-As-You-Go basis, or in addition to a monthly package, will last the lifetime of the account.
Do I get credits every month?
Yes, if you are on a monthly plan! Each month, you will receive message credits based on the plan you have selected (Basic Plan excluded). Monthly credits are accumulative and rollover month-to-month as long as you remain on the monthly plan.
Does CallingPost offer Referral Rewards?
Yes. Our referral program is important to our business model. For every referral you make, you and the referral each receive 50 message credits when he/she signs up.
Can I manage my account online?
Absolutely! You can manage your user profile, upgrade and downgrade your plan selection, purchase additional credits for messaging, and view your purchase and transaction histories -- all online.