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Automated group calls, mass texting & more


Did you know...

CallingPost can connect your entire group in seconds.

Group Calling

Create a message and CallingPost automatically sends it to your entire group. Their phones will ring just like a personal phone call and your message will play as soon as they say 'hello'.

Group Mass Texting / SMS

Easy group texting with reporting analytics, built in survey responses and no member size limit.

Group Email

Everything you need in one place, including E-Mail. Send files and track analytics to deliver your important messages.

Did You Know...

CallingPost can organize and manage your groups

Stay Organized

Use CallingPost to keep your groups and teams organized, with names, photos, numbers and more all in one easy to access place.

Stay Up To Date

Quickly add or update member info and change status settings on the fly.

Stay personal

Having photos associated with your members and unique data is a great way to stay personaly connected with each of your members.


Did You Know...

CallingPost can build you a group website

Instant online presence in an online world.

Our plug and play websites are easy to create. Simply follow our website wizard that loads your content and in moments you have your very own website!

Online sign ups, giving and more!

Easy group texting with reporting analytics, built in survey responses and no member size limit.

Mobile ready design

Your CallingPost sites are designed to work across all devices, including tablets and mobile phones.

Did You know...

CallingPost can schedule & promote your events

Manage your groups busy calendar

Easily add upcoming events to your calendar from inside the CallingPost system. You can even display your events on your groups website.

Make sure no one forgets

Set automatic reminders for your events, whether it be days or hours before the event takes place. A great way to increase attendance!

Have a way for others to help

You can set up your events to allow sign ups for both attendance and participation.


Did You know...

CallingPost can manage your incoming phone calls

With your automated assistant, all callers are greeted with your welcome recording and a list of options such as transfer or to hear more info etc. This saves you time and hassle!

Transfer options allow your callers to reach who they need faster, without you having to answer the phone.

And so much more!


View info about your group calls & mass text messages. See answer rates, delivery attempts & more.


Advanced CallingPost technology ensures messages are delivered, even if the phone call isn't answered.


Display your phone number on your outgoing calls to promote higher answer rates.


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Ensure your privacy and the privacy of your members are protected. We do not share any of your information with others.


Schedule messages for delivery so you don't have to be stuck waiting to press "send."

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