CallingPost Features

We give you the features you need to reach everyone in your group with the touch of a button.


Phone Calls

  • Record, preview and send messages in your own voice from your phone, computer or tablet.
  • Send one message to your entire group with just one phone call.
  • Using your own voice helps recipients know who is calling them.

Text / SMS

  • Send or schedule text messages to all your members at once.
  • Text messages can be sent from your computer, tablet or smart phone.
  • Text is a great way to reach members quickly even when they are busy .


  • Create personalized email messages to your groups.
  • Include attachments with flyers, documents, pictures and other information.
  • Scheduling emails ensures that you are ready when your message needs to be delivered.

Mobile App

  • Avaialble on Apple and Android smart devices.
  • Add members manually or from your contacts on your phone.
  • The mobile app was created specifically so you can use CallingPost “on the go".

Virtual PBX

  • Receive a local phone number for people to contact your organization.
  • Personalize your menus and greetings to give information about contacting you and your organization members.
  • Virtual PBX is ideal for small organizations who would benefit from a virtual receptionist.

Personalized Websites

  • Customize your website with our easy to use website wizard.
  • Select a personalized web address for your website.
  • Websites are essential for any organization, our websites are so easy you will never need a web designer.

Volunteer Role and Sign-ups

  • Create specialized volunteer roles for your organization.
  • Allow members to sign up for roles and receive reminders before the event .
  • Knowing who will be volunteering and what they will be doing helps every event run smoothly.

Detailed Message Analytics

  • Message Results will show you who received your messages.
  • Look at previous messages to see when your message is received best.
  • Reviewing message results lets leaders know when and how to send messages so they are received by their members.

Schedule Communications

  • Phone, text and email messages can be scheduled for a specific time.
  • Messages can be received weeks, days or hours before special events.
  • Scheduling messages in advance helps leaders stay organized.

Simple Member Management

  • Enter members manually or by importing them from a spreadsheet.
  • Quickly locate and edit members with the search tool.
  • Member management is key when organizing a group, our simple tools allow you to spend more time communicating than managing.

Advanced Voicemail Detection

  • Voicemail Detection determines if an voicemail has picked up and leaves a message.
  • Leaving a message allows members to replay messages at a later time.
  • Because voicemail systems vary we have created ways to ensure that your message is delivered properly every time.

Customize your Caller-ID

  • Personalize your Caller ID number on your phone messages.
  • Verification process ensures that no one uses your Caller ID.
  • When members see your Caller ID on your message they are more likely to respond to your message.

Event Planning

  • Create events through our event planning management tool.
  • Events display on your personalized website.
  • Showing events on your website allow members to see what is going on in your organization and to volunteer to assist with events.

Text Polling

  • Send text messages and received “Yes, No, Maybe” responses.
  • View responses in your message results.
  • Text polling is a great way to see who is coming to an event .

Secure and Private

  • You can reach us Monday - Friday 8am - 10pm EST.
  • You can reach us by phone, email or live chat.
  • You will always speak with trained and certified Customer Service Representatives.