CallingPost Features

We give you the features you need to reach everyone in your group with the touch of a button.


Phone Calls

  • Record, preview and send messages in your own voice from your phone, computer or tablet.
  • Send one message to your entire group with just one phone call.
  • Using your own voice helps recipients know who is calling them.

Text / SMS

  • Send or schedule text messages to all your members at once.
  • Text messages can be sent from your computer, tablet or smart phone.
  • Text is a great way to reach members quickly even when they are busy .


  • Create personalized email messages to your groups.
  • Include attachments with flyers, documents, pictures and other information.
  • Scheduling emails ensures that you are ready when your message needs to be delivered.

Mobile App

  • Avaialble on Apple and Android smart devices.
  • Add members manually or from your contacts on your phone.
  • The mobile app was created specifically so you can use CallingPost “on the go".

SMS Keywords

  • Choose your own personal Keyword.
  • A member can simply text your personal Keyword into CallingPost and will automatically join your group to start receiving all your phone and text messages.
  • Give your members an easier way to join your group to stay up-to-date and informed!

Schedule Communications

  • Phone, text and email messages can be scheduled for a specific time.
  • Messages can be received weeks, days or hours before special events.
  • Scheduling messages in advance helps leaders stay organized.

Simple Member Management

  • Enter members manually or by importing them from a spreadsheet.
  • Quickly locate and edit members with the search tool.
  • Member management is key when organizing a group, our simple tools allow you to spend more time communicating than managing.

Advanced Voicemail Detection

  • Voicemail Detection determines if an voicemail has picked up and leaves a message.
  • Leaving a message allows members to replay messages at a later time.
  • Because voicemail systems vary we have created ways to ensure that your message is delivered properly every time.

Customize your Caller-ID

  • Personalize your Caller ID number on your phone messages.
  • Verification process ensures that no one uses your Caller ID.
  • When members see your Caller ID on your message they are more likely to respond to your message.

Straight To Voicemail

  • The messaged is delivered directly to the person voicemail rather than speaking with a live person.
  • The person must have a voicemail setup.

Live Answer Transfer

  • Designate your own number for the recipient to be transfered to.
  • When the call is answered the recipient has the option to press "0" and will be transfered to your designated number.

Shortened Trailer

  • Unlimited Monthly accounts have the option to shorten the CallingPost trailer from phone call messages.

Text Polling

  • Send text messages and received “Yes, No, Maybe” responses.
  • View responses in your message results.
  • Text polling is a great way to see who is coming to an event .

Secure and Private

  • You can reach us Monday - Friday 8am - 10pm EST.
  • You can reach us by phone, email or live chat.
  • You will always speak with trained and certified Customer Service Representatives.

Detailed Message Analytics

  • Message Results will show you who received your messages.
  • Look at previous messages to see when your message is received best.
  • Reviewing message results lets leaders know when and how to send messages so they are received by their members.

BETA FEATURESCheck out some of these really neat features we are working on to help you with your group!