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TOP FEATURES Save up to an additional 20% off with advanced pay
Unlimited Phone Calls
Unlimited Text Messages
Unlimited Emails
Record Time  120 seconds 90 seconds 45 seconds 30 seconds / credit
Text Message Length  320 Characters 240 Characters 160 Characters 160 characters / credit
Email Messaging  included included included 1 email / credit
Detailed Message Results 
Extended Hour Messaging 
24/7 Messaging 
Mobile App 
Send Messages By Phone 
Multi-Group Send 
Send Phone, Text & Email Together 
Reminder Messages 
Use Your Caller-ID 
Text To Speech 
Multi-Language Support TTS 
Phone Message Playback 
Phone Number Clean Up 
Straight To Voicemail 
Reduced Trailer 
Remove Branding On Trailer 
Live Answer Transfer 
Voice delivery to text & email 
Free Keyword(s)  5 Keywords 2 Keywords 1 Keyword
Additional Keyword Cost  $2.99/month $4.99/month $6.99/month $9.99/month
SMS Surveys 
Email Template Builder 
Pre-Built Email Templates 
Merge Tags 
Remove Email Branding 
Rewards Program Access 
Live Phone/Chat/Email/Text Support 
24/7 Online Support 

Pricing Frequently Asked Questions

Do Premium, Standard & Essentials Plans Provide Unlimited Messaging?
Yes. Each plan provides unlimited messages but there are safety checks in place to prevent misuse/abuse/message spaming. You can read more in our Responsible Use Policy.
Are There Discounts For Paying In Advance?

Yes! Save up to 20% by buying 24 months in advance! We also offer discounts for 3 months save 5%, 6 months save 10%, or 12 months save 15%.

What Is A Unique Contact? How Is The Total Unique Contact Count Calculated?
A unique contact is a unique phone number. Adding all of your unique phone numbers within the account will give you your accounts total unique contact count.
A unique contact can be in multiple groups at the same time but is only counted once towards your accounts total unique contact count.
*If emails outnumber phone numbers then emails are used to calculate total unique contacts instead of phone numbers.
Am I Locked In By A Contract?
No. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your plan at any time.
How Is My Plan Tier Calculated For Premium, Standard & Essentials Plans?

We simply use the total unique contacts within your account at the time you send a communication to determine which plan tier is required. This gives you the flexibility to work with groups, add members etc before sending communications. When you send your fist message we reserve resources for each unique contact in your account. This means that each unique contact in your account is applied towards your monthly unique contact limit. Any new unique contacts added to your account will be counted towards the monthly limit when messages are sent. The monthly uniqe contact limit resets at the end of each monthly cycle.
For exampe, a 25 member plan can only contact 25 unique contacts per monthly cycle. Learn More

Can I Switch Between The Premium, Standard & Essentials Unlimited Plans?
Yes, you can initiate plan changes at any time. Downgrades will go into effect on your next bill cycle. Upgrades will occur immediately and you will be given a new bill date

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