It’s Unlimited!

Our monthly unlimited plans make it easier than ever to communicate. No need to worry about credits, just fast and easy communication. There are safety checks in place to prevent misuse/abuse/message or robo calls. Learn More

It’s Effective!

90% of people say they’d rather receive a text than a phone call from their leader. Group text messaging is one of the quickest and most responsive ways to keep your people in the know, especially if they aren’t in a place to take your phone call.


It’s Easy!

There’s few things in life more aggravating than sending out a group text message and getting dozens of replies back-to-back on your phone. We make group texting easy, so you can rest assured your phone won’t blow up afterwards too. It’s as easy as selecting your group, creating a message, and telling us when you want it to go out!

We are the best at group messaging!

Leaders like yourself, have used CallingPost since 1995 to save valuable time and produce incredible results. Our group texting feature makes it easy to send bulk text messages quickly to everyone in your group. CallingPost is USA owned and operated, right out of Augusta, Georgia. Our team is excited about helping you succeed! Call us at (877) 665-5646 or text us at (706) 214-2767 if you have any questions.

The features you need for effective communication!

Over the past 25 years we have worked hard on important features for group communication. It’s been our great privilege to gather feedback from thousands of leaders that use our service daily. A few of our best texting features are: texting surveys, keywords, and detailed message results to name a few. To see our full list of features click here.

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CallingPost for years now has been a steady way we communicate with our community. It's user friendly, trust worthy and provides the right amount of data needed to analyse past calls. Thank you!
Been Great for Years!
We have been with Callingpost for several years and plan to be with you till Jesus comes. The service is second to none and I recommend it highly. Anyone who uses Callingpost would be doing their Church a positive Service. God Bless You.
Pastor J.L. Knight
We have been with Callingpost for years!
We love how it works. The directions for each step on how to create and send your message are clear. This is a valuable tool that allows us to quickly keep our staff informed and up to date.
Bay City ComForCare
We love how it works!
I am grateful for CallingPost - it allows me to send out a contact to all my members with one phone call - God bless you in your work.
Kurt M.
I am grateful for CallingPost!
Instructions were very clear, and I was able to send my first voice message within minutes of joining.
E. Lynn S.
Instructions were very clear!
We have used Calling Post several years and enjoyed using. It is excellent to use! If I have a question, I call and the question is normal answered on the spot. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
Henry L.
Excellent Service for Several Years!

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