Great Leadership is one Communication away.

Voice broadcasting, Texting & Email Service.

We believe great communication results in great leadership & can solve up to 90% of typical organizational issues.

That's why we make leaders great communicators.


  1. 1


    Easily create a group to store and manage contacts.

  2. 2


    Quickly create a phone call, text or email message.

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    Instantly deliver or schedule your message to everyone and track results.

Why you should be using CallingPost!

CallingPost, a proven tool since 1995, can save you tons of time and help you communicate to a group more effectively than any other tool out there.

  • It Means More!

    Studies show people value messages delivered via phone more than any other type of communication. Don’t let your message get lost in the fog of social media.

  • It's Personal!

    Use group calling to deliver your message so people can hear the inflection and emotion in your voice. This leads to people that are informed and connected.

  • Fast, Reliable, Easy!

    Sending a message with Callingpost is quicker, easier and more reliable than any other group messenger tool. Your message matters make sure it gets heard!

Some CallingPost Features

Group Phone Calls

Text / SMS


Member Management

Mobile App

Text Polling

Custom Caller-ID

Message Scheduling

  • “I moved to the new CallingPost system to use text messaging. I love the ability to text my contacts. I spoke with a customer service representative and he helped me get my Classic account moved over quickly and easily.”
    — Robert
  • “I found the app for CallingPost on my smartphone. I was so excited to use the app to create my phone messages right on the phone with my microphone. I also love the new website design!! Everything is in a place that makes sense. ”
    — William
  • “I had been looking for a texting solution for our church for some time but every other service was too expensive. I love CallingPost and was very pleased to find out that they have texting in their new system. I called in and got my account switched over without having to re-enter any of my contacts. It was fast and easy.”
    — Peggy
  • “We have used CallingPost for a long time. We moved to the new system for the unlimited pricing. It is the best option for us to save time and money. The transition to the new system was very smooth and hassle free.”
    — Rebecca