Make group communication fast, easy & effective with

Automated Calling, Texting & Email

CallingPost delivers phone, text and email messages to groups of any size instantly saving you time and ensuring no one misses out on important information.

Automated Calling & Mass Texting Service

Communicating to your group doesn't have to be time consuming or frustrating.

CallingPost is a fast, easy & effective way to send messages so that no one gets left out and you can focus on getting more done.

We were frustrated just like you, so we created CallingPost to help us all.

CallingPost has helped over 25,000 people just like you save time by delivering over 1 billion messages to groups of all sizes.


How It Works


Choose Your Group

Select who you want to communicate with right from the mobile app, your PC, or tablet.


Create Your Message

Create a phone, text or email message. Choose one or use all three. It's up to you.


Click Send & Relax

We deliver your message with lightning speed to everyone and provide you with detailed results.

Automated Calling

Create one message and have it instantly delivered as a phone call to your entire organization.

Group/Member Management

Easily manage your groups & members in one centralized system. Import your lists or add them manually.

Mobile App

One centralized full featured App that works across your PC, mobile phone, or tablet.

Automated Calling & Mass Texting Service
Mass Texting

Send text messages to groups of any size instantly. Include optional polls, create unique shortcodes & more!

Custom Emails

Create & send professional looking emails using our easy email builder & templates.

Land Line Access

No internet or not near a computer? No problem! Use your dial in phone system to send messages from anywhere!

Automated Calling & Mass Texting Service
Don't Be Frustrated By Communication Again

Join the thousands of people just like you who are saving time, communicating effectively & enjoying the many benefits of a well informed group with CallingPost.