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In an era of an overwhelming amount of information, ensuring your important message is heard has become more challenging than ever.

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The more tools we use to engage our community, the harder it becomes to genuinely connect. Amidst the noise of everyday notifications, our message loses its value, and our community’s engagement diminishes.

Your Message Matters

Your time and energy are priceless; miscommunication shouldn’t tear apart connections.

At CallingPost, we believe that at the core of every thriving community lies clear, consistent, and compassionate communication. Our philosophy goes beyond the simple act of sending messages; it’s about nurturing connections that bind us together.

A Connected Community is a Strong Community:

We understand the importance of feeling part of a community. Our platform ensures every member feels connected, which we know builds a stronger, more united group.

Simplicity in Communication:

Complexity should not hinder connection. Our intuitive platform simplifies your communication process, allowing you to focus on the message, not the delivery method.

Every Message Matters:

Behind every message is a person, a story, and a need for connection. We treat each message with the importance it deserves, ensuring it reaches its destination clearly and promptly.

CallingPost has helped over 100,000 people just like you save time by delivering over 1 billion messages to groups of all sizes.

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TrustScore rated 4.8 / 5

based on 500+ Reviews on Trustpilot, Google, Capterra

Don’t Just Send Information, Spark Conversations: Give Purpose to your Communications with CallingPost

Without CallingPost:

  • Disconnected Members
  • Missed Messages
  • Multiple Disorganized Softwares
  • Disengagement

The Decision Is Yours.

Elevate your communications today with CallingPost or stay trapped in the cycle of ineffective messaging. The future of your community, group, or organization hinges on your choice.

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Transform Your Messaging in Three Simple Steps

It’s easier than you think to upgrade your communications:

Quick Sign-up:

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Effortless Contact Upload:

Add contacts individually or in bulk. We give you options.

Create and Send:

Type or record your message, hit send, and let the magic begin.

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The CallingPost Communications Promise.


Guaranteed Reach, Every Time

Behind the curtains, our Messaging Magic is optimized for maximum reach. We know that effective communication is a pillar of leadership. That’s why we promise you the highest level of speed and deliverability for your messaging needs.

We Go The Extra Mile For You

Customer service isn’t just a department; it’s a promise. We have amazing Messaging Experts on Standby to help you along the way. Anytime you have questions or need assistance, our dedicated support team will be there to guide you.

No Long-Term Contracts

Trust is earned daily, which is why our service comes with flexible terms and straightforward pricing—no hidden fees or unnecessary add-ons. Choose how long you stay with us, enjoying high-quality service that fits your budget.

No Tech Expertise Required: A User-Friendly Experience

Simple yet powerful—Our user-friendly platform is designed for quick messaging by anyone, freeing you to focus on what matters: your group’s success.

Flexibility Across Communication Channels

Your voice deserves to be heard, whether through SMS, Email, or a direct phone call. We offer the flexibility to reach your audience the way they prefer. Count on us for real-time, efficient communication so that you can act fast when it matters most.

Versatile For Your Small Business

Whether you’re a church leader, Neighborhood Association, or civic organizer, our platform is versatile enough to meet your specific needs. Your message is unique, and we help you deliver it that way.

Data Privacy You Can Depend On

Your trust is important to us. That’s why we’ve invested in the best data protection practices to keep your personal information and messages secure and private.

The real test is not whether you avoid failure because you won’t. It’s whether you let it shame you into inaction.

That’s The CallingPost Difference.

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TrustScore rated 4.8 / 5

based on 500+ Reviews on Trustpilot, Google, Capterra

Chapter President

The online platform is straightforward, clear, and concise. It is user friendly! I also love the ease of sending out quick reminders and messages via text.

Giovanni, Finance Manager

Impressive Approach for Customer Engagement
CallingPost has made all customer contact helpful and attainable, and there are reliable loyalty test solutions. CallingPost is quality, cost reliable, and no dislike of the tool.

Jean Willams Fraley

Communication at its Best! The ease of sending messages in a timely manner. It's been great for our church family!

Shasme Taylor

The updated system is as easy as Pie!!!


CallingPost helps us communicate with over 175 families in need in rural areas of Tennessee. We are able to reach out to these families with information about our food programs to help them. Thank you calling post for making it possible for us to help those in need.

Rebecca Yates

Awesome system to distribute messages to groups of people. Very easy to use and help is available quickly, if you need it.

Sharon Terry

CallingPost is the bomb dot com!!! I use it for our church and for my employer. I’ve used another system; however, it was not as user friendly as Calling Post. I don’t mind telling people to use CallingPost. It’s fantastic!!!!

Allen Rodgers

I love this service. It keeps [our group] members up to date with events and encourages participation. It's also easy to track who is not receiving the messages so we can follow-up with them on information or life changes. It is much more personal than text messages and I can make sure it was received.

Ed Tepera

Your Team was a pleasure to work with. They were able to help me with all I needed.