Communication for your healthcare program

Communicate with your entire hospital, a specific wing or group at the touch of a button using Callingpost automated calling and text messaging.


Keep your doctors, nurses, staff and patients on the same page with the touch of a button.

Having everyone on your healthcare team on the same page is very important, and communication is critical. With CallingPost your entire team can receive messages that take only moments to send. You can even help your patients stay informed by sending them reminders and encouragement.

Here Are Some Good Ideas

Closure Notices

Staff Notifications

Open Shift Alerts

Flu Vaccine Reminders

New Employee Announcements

Event Planning

Visitor Follow-Ups

Volunteer Request

  • “I moved to the new CallingPost system to use text messaging. I love the ability to text my contacts. I spoke with a customer service representative and he helped me get my Classic account moved over quickly and easily.”
    — Robert
  • “I found the app for CallingPost on my smartphone. I was so excited to use the app to create my phone messages right on the phone with my microphone. I also love the new website design!! Everything is in a place that makes sense. ”
    — William
  • “I had been looking for a texting solution for our church for some time but every other service was too expensive. I love CallingPost and was very pleased to find out that they have texting in their new system. I called in and got my account switched over without having to re-enter any of my contacts. It was fast and easy.”
    — Peggy
  • “We have used CallingPost for a long time. We moved to the new system for the unlimited pricing. It is the best option for us to save time and money. The transition to the new system was very smooth and hassle free.”
    — Rebecca